This test was created to quickly discover the vaginal infections, through the pH from inside of the vagina. The range of the pH that can be tested varies from 3.8 to 4.5 . The applicator that you will find in the box, will change the color according to the pH once it gets in contact with the vaginal secretion.

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Two applicators to collect the vaginal secretion and instructions manual.
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More than 99% specificity, same as the laboratory tests.
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Results in seconds.
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Test for women.
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The normal vaginal flora offers a natural protection against infection.

A variety of the genus Lactobacillus supports the vaginal flora by keeping the vaginal pH value within a  slightly acid range between 3.8 and 4.5 which provides an effective protection against pathogenic bacteria and fungi. Disruption of the natural balance of bacteria inside the vagina may lead to infection which could pose a threat to your health or to your pregnancy.

Vaginal microbial imbalances usually cause an increase in pH value to higher than 4.5 which can not only affect quality of life but also pose a serious risk to your health and increase the risk of premature birth.

Did you know…

… that 20 – 30 % of all patients in a gynaecological department suffer from vaginal infections? They complain about increased discharge, fishy odour as well as itching, burning and vaginal dryness.

…that 15 – 20 % of all women are diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis during pregnancy which constitutes an increased risk of premature birth and premature
rupture of fetal membranes?

The Veneris Vaginal pH Test allows the determination of vaginal microbial imbalances at an early stage. It can be used to quickly identify an increase in vaginal pH and prevent vaginal microbial imbalances by periodic self measurement.

Always consult your doctor before making any important medical decision.

When is a good time to use the viola pH Health Care Test?

We recommend using the Veneris vaginal pH Test twice a week during pregnancy to make sure the vaginal pH is within the normal range and also between antenatal
examinations. However, you may perform measurements more often. This is particularly recommended if you have suffered from vaginal infections during previous pregnancies or if you have already had experience with premature birth.

For women who are not pregnant it is most effective to perform measurements in case:
– there is suspicion of bacterial vaginosis, fungus infections (dysbiosis);
– there are symptoms of burning, itching, fishy odour or discharge;
– after sexual contact with a new partner and after therapies of vaginal infections as well as after surgical interventions on the vagina.

Instructions for use

Wash your hands and dry them well

Get the applicator out of its foil without letting the tip touch anything

Collect the sample from inside of the vagina

Read the results