Veneris test for urinary tract infections discovers low urinary tract infections (cystitis) as well as high urinary tract infections (pyelonephritis ) by measuring four specific markers in the urine : leukocytes, nitrites, proteins and blood.

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2 Urine test strips for Urinary Tract Infections ( UTI ) and instruction manual.
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More than 99% specificity, same as the laboratory tests.
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Results ready in 1-2 minutes.
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UNISEX test.
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A urinary infection represents the most common disease of the urinary tract which includes the urethra, the bladder, the ureter and the kidneys. Men, women and children are likely to experience a urinary infection. It’s mostly women who suffer from urinary infections, since the short urethra favours the penetration of germs. However, elderly males are also affected if they have an enlarged prostate which obstructs the urine flow. In healthy people, urine is sterile (i.e. it doesn’t contain any micro-organisms). One of the best ways to keep your urinary tract sterile is to empty your bladder completely at regular intervals. Generally, an infection starts in the urethra and may then spread into the upper urinary tract as far as the kidneys. The symptoms vary considerably: burning when emptying the bladder, or a strong urge to urinate. The urine may also be cloudy or have a strong odour.

How to use

Collect the sample in a clean and dry container

Remove the test from its pouch without touching the testing fields

Immerse the test with all four fields in the urine sample

Read the results after 1 minute ( for nitrites, proteins and blood ) or 2 minutes ( for leukocytes)

Frequently asked questions

Remember that a positive result doesn't mean that all four substances have been detected in your urine. Even if your result is positive for just one of them, it is most likely that something is wrong in your urine, even if the reason may not be a urinary infection. Get in touch promptly with your own doctor, who will be able to give a more accurate diagnosis. When you visit your doctor, please take these instructions with you so that he/she will be better informed as to the type of test you have performed

Remember that your test result is only negative if the result on the test field for all four substances is negative. But if you still feel the signs of a UTI or have any other symptom, then contact your own doctor to arrange a more thorough examination.

Instructions video for the Veneris rapid test for urinary tract infections