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Veneris test offers a rapid diagnosis for syphilis by finding, in a single drop of blood, the antibodies of Treponema pallidum, the pathogenic agent that causes the STD.
Attention! Syphilis is a STD transmitted through unprotected sex, from mother to the fetus or through blood transfusions. If the result is positive, it is recommended that the sexual partner/partners be also tested.

• Auto testing kit, easy to use in the comfort of your home
• More than 98.2% specificity, same as the laboratory results
• Results ready in 15 minutes

What do you find in the box:

Test device, plastic dropper, sample test tube, lancet, instruction manual.


Wash your hands with soap and clean water.
Activate the device by pushing the orange rod inside the lancet.
Remove the orange rod by twisting to the left or to the right.
Wipe the finger with an alcohol damped tampon.
Prick the finger with the lancet and collect the blood sample with the dropper.
Place the blood in the testing device.
Add exactly 4 drops from the tube with the blue cap.
Read the results after 10 minutes but not later than 15 minutes.

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