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Veneris test offers the diagnosis after a fast analysis of the urine for the infection with Thricomonas Vaginalis, a parasite that it’s usually transmitted through sexual behavior and affects 1 in 4 youths on a national level.
Being a STD, it is recommended that the testing is frequent for both partners, especially because more than 70% of those that are infected have no active symptoms. In case of a positive result, it is recommended to make an appointment with a doctor for further treatment.

Auto testing Kit, easy to use in the comfort of your home.
99%% specificity, same as the laboratory tests.
Result in 15 minutes.

What do you find in the box:

One card, dropper, urine cup, 0.5ml sample buffer test tube, instruction manual.

How to use?

Veneris Test de Trichomonas Vaginalis


Collect the urine sample and introduce 3-4 drops in the tube.
Swirl clockwise the content for 5-6 seconds.
Drip 3-4 drops on the testing spot.
Wait 15 minutes for the result.

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Testul Veneris 3 în 1 oferă un diagnostic rapid, printr-o singură testare a urinei, pentru cele mai frecvente infecţii genitale: candidoza (Candida Albicans), vaginita bacteriană (Gardnerella Vaginalis) şi trichomoniaza (Trichomonas Vaginalis).

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